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30-day fitness challenge 2022

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My target 100 kms

I'm fundraising to fight youth homelessness

I am getting active in the name of team building, mental health, and physical health, but most importantly to Get Fit to For Homeless Youth.

Youth homelessness affects 44,000 young Australians, and each night, 1 in 3 young people are being turned away from supported accommodation services.

The Property Industry Foundation exists to solve this problem of youth homelessness. We bring together the property and construction industry to build homes for homeless youth through our Haven Project.

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Half way and target passed!

Tuesday 17th May
I'm pleased to say that on reaching the halfway mark of the challenge on the 16th May, I've exceeded my distance goal! So I'll see if i can get close to doubling it with the 15 days remaining! 

Ten Days In!

Thursday 12th May
So i'm over ten days in and passed the 65km mark and exceeded $2,000 in sponsorship. 

I'll aim to beat my target distance by some way if we can get close to $3,000!!

Thanks All!!

Funding Goal Achieved - lets push it some more!!

Wednesday 27th Apr
Thank you to some very generous friends for meeting the initial funding goal of $1000 - i'll extend it a bit further to see if we can raise some more for PIF

Thank you to my Sponsors


Ross Milne

Good luck, stay out of the Rag.


Brad Mccarthy

To my favourite irish man


Joshua Whittaker



Kate Hannaford

Great work Ioan for a great cause!


Ioan Morgan


Angus Hislop


Voss Grace + Partners

Best of luck Ioan, great cause


James Joy

Good luck!


Phill Andrew

Good cause mate!


Essence Project Management


Mick O'driscoll

Good on ya Ioan !!!!!


Khalid Hourani

Such a great cause Ioan. We'll have to catch up for a low-carb beer soon!


Gearoid Considine

Getting fitter and better looking


Elly Yuan

Awesome commitment


Stephen Natilli


David Nicholas

Well done. Excellent initiative.


Stephen Floyd

Good luck &


Brian O'mainin

Well done Ioan and best of luck!


Antony Gitsham

Good work. Can’t wait to see the six pack!


Paul Fung

Well done mate for the good cause.


Chris Callaghan

Good on ya Ioan!!


Craig Hyde


Matthew Tripolone


Eric Au


Thomas Bitmead


Jennifer Lavery

Less beers and pies Ioan!!!


Zack Ashby

Hello my old fruit. Please bring this foolishness to a swift end as you are really very boring when you're not drinking.


Kate Morgan



John Basilisco

Great effort mate. Need to get you up that leaderboard as a result.


Home By 5

Let's see another 100kms!


Joseph Walsh

Ioan, good on you for supporting the PIF which is such a great charity. good luck pushing the funding total even higher.


Pat Cronin


Jordan Reynolds

Great stuff Ioan


Jen Gillett

Run Ioan Run!


Naoise Gogan


Cameron Hay


David Lodge


George Websdale


Julie Bindon

Go Ioan!


Roberta Pinna

Amazing effort, Ioan! Such a great inspiration!


Mustafa Salehi