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Hi there,

My name is Karam and I'm with GPT.

That is of course the The General Property Trust, which also happens to be Greatest PiF Team!

This year, I am getting active in the name of team building, mental health, and physical health, but most importantly to Get Fit to For Homeless Youth.

On this occasion, the 30 Day PIF Challenge coincides with the Holy Month of Ramadan.

During Ramadan, Muslims fast from Dusk to Dawn, with the aim of humbling ourselves through abstaining from food and drink. By doing this, we reflect on our privileges, internalise good character and utilise the overall experience to be beneficial to others. 

I'm very proud to say that I will be fighting for change on all these fronts. 

Youth homelessness affects:

- 44,000 young Australians

- Each night, 1 in 3 young people are being turned away from supported accommodation services.

The Property Industry Foundation exists to solve this problem of youth homelessness. We bring together the property and construction industry to build homes for homeless youth through our PIF House Program.

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Michael Crough

Great work mate


Karam Ashraff

Stay awesome


Adeel Tariq


Isah , Maryam And Luqman

Good luck Karam Nanna ❤️ So proud of you .


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Glen Hooton

Best of luck with the challenge mate!! Great cause


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Good luck in achieving your goal