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30-day fitness challenge 2022

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I'm fundraising to fight youth homelessness

I am getting active in the name of team building, mental health, and physical health, but most importantly to Get Fit to For Homeless Youth.

Youth homelessness affects 44,000 young Australians, and each night, 1 in 3 young people are being turned away from supported accommodation services.

The Property Industry Foundation exists to solve this problem of youth homelessness. We bring together the property and construction industry to build homes for homeless youth through our Haven Project.

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30 Day Fitness Challenge

Thursday 12th May
A real positive to reaching my goal is getting out there and climbing those hills!

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Julie Harriss

Good on you Nick


Jasmine Townsend

Great work Nick!


Nick Harman


Iain Drennan

Well done on completing your target mate! As promised, an extra $25


Iain Drennan

Great target Nick. Good luck!


Anthony Kumar

Good luck Nick!


Penny S

Good work Nick!