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30-day fitness challenge 2021

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I am so pleased to announce that this year I am joining the Property Industry Foundation’s (PIF) 30 Day Fitness Challenge as an Ambassador!


In 2020 I supported PIF by walking 150km and raising over $7,500 as part of Team MPA, however in 2021 I am raising the bar! In addition to challenging myself to walk 200km, I am also aiming to raise $10,000 to help fight youth homelessness.


Youth homelessness affects 44,000 young Australians and each night, 1 in 3 young people are being turned away from supported accommodation services. PIF exists to solve the problem of youth homelessness, by bringing together the property and construction industry to build homes for homeless youth through the PIF House Program.


Sadly, COVID has added additional strain to support services for the homeless, and our help is needed now more than ever. By joining the PIF 30 Day Challenge, I can help put an end to youth homelessness in Australia, and so can you.


The challenge begins on 2 May, and if you’re in a position to donate or just want to keep up with my fundraising efforts, you can see my fundraising page by clicking this link:


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Saturday 22nd May
Thanks to my good friends Mel and Jory trying to help boost my donations. x

Raising more money

Monday 3rd May
Another way we are raising money in our house is the swear jar is back!. Not even 24 hours and we are sitting at $35!

Kick off day

Monday 3rd May

Thank you to my Sponsors



Run Vanessa, run!


Geoffrey Gauci

Mya I am proud of you......So I'll match you plus $1....





Mya Borg

Happy Mother’s Day 💐


Ald Expert Demo Pty Ltd

Good luck Vanessa!!




Harris Planning Pty Ltd


Arch Electrical Group


Mjc Tile & Stone

Good on you Vanessa


Chris Christofi

Awesome stuff! Keep it up


Zac Goates

Get out there!!😄 Well done V.


David & Vanessa Gauci

Good Job Aunty Vanessa Love Joshua & Sebastian


Paul Rosenberg Vella

You always inspire me Vanessa especially your dedication to support those in need.


Genx Group

Good luck Vanessa




Graham Pearson


Commercial Facility Services Pty Ltd

Vanessa, Red eye fitness training takes a high level of commitment and your supporting a great cause especially as we enter the colder months ahead. Keep up the good work, and good luck Vanessa.



Someone has to make a start. You go Girl!


Horizon Facility Services


Fredon Technology

Well done Vanessa


Canny Plumbing

Good Luck Vanessa!


Red & Blue Scaffolding (aust) Pty Ltd

Good luck Vanessa from the team at Red and Blue Scaffolding!


Lisa Tzevakos

Go V Go 🚀




Mrs Leanne Agius-weaver

Cheers to you Wonder Woman ... xx


Nathaniel Liddell

We are so proud of you. We'll done


Ann Leonard

Congratulations on being an ambassador for such a great cause.


Geoffrey Gauci

May the homeless never be homeless


Stephen Pink

Hi Vanessa, I don’t know if you know me or not but i hope this will help with your awesome charity event, and if you don’t mind maybe an instagram shout out hahaha but seriously keep up the awesome work, you deserve it!!!!


Rohan Richard Martin


Cathy And Nas Ahmad


Greg Wilson


James Saville

Well done V! A great cause!


Michael Schiavello (peter & Fiorella Schiavello)

Good Luck Vanessa


Borg Swear Jar


Nathan Marazita



Brigita Szabo

Vanessa, You are an inspiration!



Good luck darling


Borg Swear


Ellen, Ray, And Zack

Keep up the great work!


Julia Desimone

You’ve got this!



How could i not donate to such a fantastic cause, just know that i am drinking right now to help you keep on keeping on. Keep on training you are doing awesome


Tracy Sinapi

Well done Nessy great cause


Mister Coppin

Great work Vanessa!


Shaun De Vries

Well done Vanessa!


Ian Etherington

Good luck Venessa!


Andrew Memmolo


Corey Stivey

Go V!!



Good luck Nessie. 😊


Anna Ferraro

Go Girl!!


Kevin Thomson - (innotec Security)

Good luck with reaching your goal, you are nearly there.


Emma Cottrell

Go mumma V! Great work.


Olivia Lanteri

Great work Ness :-)


Chantelle Sass

Amazing work V!


Jennie Rivera

How are you doing this on top of being a supermum!? You absolute legend! Well done.


Annette & Richard Gauci

you’re almost there Vanessa! Keep up the good work :-)


Dave Gunst


Cindy James @ Haworth

Good luck on your 200km walk! Such a great charity, good luck !


Melinda Notarfrancesco


Ashley Parsons

Great work ! Good luck x


Nduru Mbuthi

Go V!!!!!


Long Bui



An Bui

What a great cause and such an incredible effort Ness! Cheering you on, An.


David Harlock

Go Vanessa! A great cause! 200 kilometres - better you than me!


Jessica Jackson

Here is a woman that is being the change she wants to see in the world. Thank you for being so amazing V!


Renee Gauci

All the best of luck to you and the MPA team Vanessa :-)


Andrew Lardner

Good luck