What is the 30-Day Fitness Challenge?

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The Property Industry 30-Day Fitness Challenge is a virtual fundraising event! You can register as a team or individual, select a fitness goal and activity (cycle, walk or run), and set a fundraising target to achieve over 30 days. 100% of funds raised will go towards The Haven Project.

What are the key dates?

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Registrations go live from the 9th March.

Your 30-Day Challenge starts on the 2nd of May. 

How do I register?

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You can enter as an individual, join or create a team by selecting “Register” at the top of the pif30.com.au website.

How do I create, share or join a team?

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After registering as an individual, you will be prompted to ‘join’ or ‘create’ a team. As this is a virtual event, there is no limit on team member numbers and location.

To create a team
Click ‘create team’, enter team name and then click ‘create team’. You will be then taken to your team page which you can customise & invite team members to join. You also choose to create a private or public team.

To join a team
Click ‘join team’, enter team name and click ‘join team’. If the team is ‘public’ you will automatically be added,
If the team is ‘private’ a request will be sent to the team leader.

Are there any fees involved?

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There is no registration fee, however, we do have a fundraising minimum ask of $250.

How do I fundraise?

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If I record KMs before the challenge starts, will it reset?

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To keep things fair all kilometres recorded prior to 2 May will be reset.

Can I start fundraising before 2 May?

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Of course! You can start fundraising from the minute you register. We recommend donating to yourself first
off as it gets the ball rolling and sets a benchmark for your supporters.

Do you have an email template to help me ask for donations?

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Yes we do. Go to your fundraising page. Click on your name in the top right hand corner. Click on 'Get Support' in the drop down menu and you will see the pre-written email.

How can I get my company involved?

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  • Get a team together
  • Ask about matched giving
  • Encourage your colleagues or employer to donate $1 per every KM you achieve
  • Tell your marketing team and ask them to share information about the challenge internally and externally

Can I connect my fitness tracking app to my 30-Day Challenge?

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Yes, once you have created a profile, select “My fitness activity” in your profile drop-down and
connect your fitness app from the list of apps that work with your dashboard.

How can I join a team?

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If you are wanting to join a team that's set to allow people to join, you can join by doing the following.

  1. Search for the team in question in the "Donate to a friend" section on the homepage
  2. Select the team once they come up from your search
  3. In the header of the team page, there will be a "Join us" button 
  4. Either connect from your already made account or create a new one then you will be joined.

How do I create a team from my dashboard?

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If you have created an individual account and later decided you want to create a team:

  1. Click your login drop down in the top right corner (should have your name in the corner)
  2. Select "My Account"
  3. There will be an option called "Create Team" 
  4. Populate your team details here and get started

How to pass on the team captain role to another member

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  1. Go to the team's edit page
  2. Click on "Team Members"
  3. Click on "Team Captain" tab
  4. Select from the dropdown the new captain to assign to this team
  5. Hit Save.

Do I need to re-register if I participated in last year's event?

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No, click on 'Login’ if you have registered for the 30-Day Fitness Challenge in the past. In the Member Login, enter the email address you used to register previoulsy, as well as your password. If you cannot remember your password. Click on 'Forgot password?'.

Can I see what donations I have made to this 30-Day Fitness Challenge and past 30-Day Fitness Challenges?

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Yes you can. Click on 'Login', then enter your email address in the 'Donor Login'