Run to get fit for homeless youth

Pick up the pace and challenge yourself to run further than you ever have before.

We all know that exercise is one of the most important things we can do for our health and wellbeing, but sometimes even with the best of intentions, exercise often slips to the bottom of the list. From 2 – 31 May, make it your priority by taking part in the 30-Day Fitness Challenge, a fundraising event by The Property Industry Foundation. Get Fit for Homeless Youth.

To register all you have to do is sign up below and pick your distance. As a guide a competitive distance over 30 days is 200km and a more social pace would be to do 100km. However, you can push yourself beyond these limits or set a shared goal as a team.

You can manually enter your distance or use Strava and FitBit to share your distance on your fundraising page.

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